Episode 220: Zombie Flamingos

Join host Tim Shephard and Panel Pro Colin Hyde as they discuss this weeks topics.





Colin’s shop expansion
Release the Zombie Flamingos!
Tim’s Glamping
Tri-Metric update
Apple’s Carplay
Addressing bent frames
Patching small holes
Air gap for insulation
Rebuilding a front bed on a 2007 International
Axles for a 1964 GlobeTrotter
The cost of disc brakes
Torsion arm angles
Installing utilities
Attaching bellyskin

Release Date: 10-16-2014

Running time:  01:30:39

Episode 219: Pro-Pain!

Join host Tim Shephard and Panel Pro Colin Hyde as they discuss this weeks topics.





West Coast Tin Can Tourist
Putting a bellypan on after the shell on a ’63
Moving battery location
Installing door gaskets
Missing rivets. Worry?
Refinishing hubcaps with polish
Making cold contacts with people because of their Airstream
Replacing propane lines

Release Date: 10-03-2014

Running time:  01:21:18

Episode 218: The Sky is Not Falling

Join host Tim Shephard and Panel Pro Colin Hyde as they discuss this weeks topics.





1969 Sovereign Window
Tin Can Tourist Rally
Call for questions!
1969 Sovereign window gasket issues
Using spray foam for insulation 
Matching tow vehicle tires to the trailer
Not every trailer is a bomb waiting to happen
Colin’s End Cap Kits

Release Date: 09-19-2014

Running time:  01:02:36

Episode 217: My Two Sense





Colin’s camping trip
Tin Can Tourist’s Rally
Fix or replace holding tanks sensors
Keep the bugs out 
Seal bellypan seams?
Keep it clean

Release Date: 09-05-2014

Running time:  50:43

Episode 216: Dumb vs. Smart!





Smart charger vs dumb charger
The four stages of charging
How to choose the right converter
Converting from univolt to smart charger
Boondocker charger?
Colin go’s solar with Go Power!
70’s C-Channel
’72 Overlander floor removal
Worry about oxidation?

Release Date: 08-22-2014

Running time:  57:58

Episode 215: Battery Monitoring







Tri-Metric 2020My original Tri-Metric 2020 (center) showing amp useage


In this episode we talk with the inventor of the Tri-Metric line of battery monitors from Bogart Engineering (website).  They make a line of battery monitors that accurately reflect the current state of your batteries.  Their latest model, the 2030 can be connected to a companion solar controller.

Release Date: 08-07-2014

Running time:  01:17:56



Episode 214: Simulated Boondocking






Shady Spot

Shady spot vs. Solar


Recap on Tim’s Oregon trip with solar (Blog post)
Running a microwave with an inverter (Blog post)
“Simulated” Boondocking
Evaporative cooling
AC alternatives
Minimum tow vehicle for a ’59 Tradewind
Dealing with peeling clearcoat
How high do you need to lift for shell-off
Replacing a ’57 rear window
Tire sizes
Window rails on a ’69
Protecting a stripped Airstream

Release Date: 07-25-2014

Running time:  01:26:18



Episode 213: LED 101






Left bulb is actually 12v AC or DC, right bulb is 110v AC


Steve Malm of M4LED.com
Different LED light colors
Cool vs Warm vs Natural
Custom LED lights for late 50’s and early 60’s
Changing 120v to 12v fixtures
LED running lights
Fixtures and LED bulbs
5% off coupon code for VAP listeners =  VAP5
Ambassador LED blog post and video

Release Date: 07-11-2014
Running time:  01:10:30



Episode 212: Go Solar!






Solar Installation Video



Kristen and Jason Snow - The Snowmads
65 Overlander Restoration
Boondocking with solar
Mark Spilsbury from GoPower!
Solar Basics
How much solar do I need?
Flex panels vs traditional
Mounting panels
Wiring solar
Can it run my air conditioner?
Colin is now a GoPower distributor

Release Date: 06-26-2014
Running time:  01:31:34